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Overview and Specifications:


1. Built-in slimmest wireless Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard.

2. Light weight ,quiet keystrokes,waterproof and dust-proof

3. Energy saving keyboard sleep mode

4. Ultra-thin Bluetooth Keyboard

5. Support system: support Apple IOS system, suitable for IPad Por 9.7 / IPad Air 2 / IPad Air / 2017 2018 New Ipad 9.7 Tablet PC

6. Clamshell notebook protection shell type design

7. The overall design of the blade type line, concise fashion, easy to carry, comfortable ABS angle scissor type key.

8. Typing fast and comfortable and durable.

9. Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery powered worry free,

10. Protective shell all-round protection of iPad tablet computer, intelligent dormancy, power-saving.

Compatible with the following Apple iPad models:

iPad 9.7 2018(6th Gen):A1893 or A1954

iPad 9.7 2017(5th Gen):A1822 or A1823

iPad Pro 9.7:A1673 or 1674 or A1675

iPad Air 2:A1566 or A1567

iPad Air:A1474 or A1475

1. Operating distance:10 meters

2. Working voltage: 3.7V

3. Working current: lt,2.5mA

4. Sleep current: 200μA

5. Charging Time: 2-3hours

6. Lithium battery capacity: 100mAh

7. Continuous working time: gt,100Hours

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