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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: ST-5P Top Diameter: Other
Hardness: Hard Material: FRP
Category: Ice Fishing Rod Position: Other,Stream,Lake,Ocean Beach Fishing

1. The shape is small and exquisite, foldable and contractible, and the shape after contraction is like a pen, which is convenient for storage and easy to carry,

2. Aluminum alloy casing, glass fiber reinforced plastic, about 1 meter in length, can be used for small fishing,

3. Suitable for squid fishing, ice fishing, boat fishing, bridge fishing, not suitable for long throw,

4. A variety of colors can be selected, gifts are good,

The pen has a contraction length of 21 cm, a total of 5 knots (excluding the handlebar), and the opening length is about 1 meter.

The matching wheel is ST5-P high-strength plastic drum wheel. The material is made of high-strength plastic. The total length of the wheel is 7.5 cm, the body length is 4.5 cm, the width is 3.2 cm, and the net weight is 30 g.

There is a brake force adjustment knob that adjusts the amount of braking force. There is a black button on the side of the wheel with the rocker. When pressed, the friction can be increased. The wheel speed ratio is 2.1:1, the line capacity is 0.18/60 (mm/m), 0.20/55 (mm/m), 0.25/40 (mm/m)

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