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Overview and Specifications:

On a hot summer day, my heart is full of enthusiasm and leisure time. I will make shaved ice that suits my taste. I will cool into my heart and feel comfortable. Manual home ice machine – bring you a better life every day


1. Spiral shaft, simple and convenient, shaving ice cubes,
2. The active screws allow you to make different shades of shaved ice according to your own preferences,
3. Clearly see the shaved ice in the container,
4. The object is a new type of plastic handle,
5. The blade is thicker and sharper, and the crushed ice is more time-saving.

1. Take out the small cup and put it on the water. The volume will expand after the water is formed into ice, so the water can not be overfilled. The top of the measuring cup has 1CM gap.
2. Place the small measuring cup in the freezer until the water in the measuring cup is completely iced.
3. Pour out the ice cube inside the measuring cup, uncover the top of the ice machine, and place the ice in the ice bucket.
4. Cover the top cover, place the measuring cup underneath, hold the handle with your hand, and turn the handle clockwise. The ice cubes will be cut into pieces and dropped into the bottom measuring cup.
5. put in the plate with the favorite fruit, cool and dismantle the shaved ice to do a good job.

If there is a small gathering at home in the hot summer, it will undoubtedly be very popular if there is a hill-like shaved ice on the back end of the meal. The most important thing is that shaved ice is not difficult to do.

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