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Overview and Specifications:


-Fireproof and water resistant: Fireproof document bag is made of high quality silicone coated fiberglass fabric, double fire layer and fireproof zipper and sewing thread for extra security which can withstand temperatures up to 1000℃(approximately 1832℉) and protect your vital documents from fire, also water resistant.

-Security steward: Fireproof safe storage bag protects your documents and files including legal contracts, passports, licenses, USBs disks and CDs deeds, certificates, coins, cash, autographs, letters, heirlooms, precious photos, marriage certificate, money and more.

-Easy to carry: Envelope shape, lightweight design, can be classified to manage your cash, photos, passports and other items, travel carrying is very convenient and does not take up space. It looks like a handbag for both men and women and is the perfect gifts.

-Convenient to use: This document safe pouch is portable and can be easily folded for you no matter at home or on office, so you can use it in drawer or strong box.

-Maximum protection for valuable items: Designed to protect valuable items from fire, rainwater, or any explosion caused by incorrectly charging or poorly functioning lithium battery packs. This fireproof document bags can keep your valuable items safe even at unforeseen fires.


Product: Fireproof file bag

Material: Glass fiber

color: Grey

Size: 38*28cm

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