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Overview and Specifications:


-Fire and Waterproof: This fireproof file bag is made from an
upgraded silicone coated fiberglass fabric that can withstand up to 700 °C
(approximately 0.635 cm 1292 °F) and protects your important documents from fire. This fire safety is not just a fire scratch, but also highly waterproof to
wet the casing for some reason.

-A4 paper size capability:This fireproof paper bag
can hold most of your valuables, such as A4 size legal documents, cash, jewelry,
passport PAD, etc.It is flexible enough to fold
and use when traveling.

-Fireproof zipper and sewing thread: Fireproof zipper design provides double security and maximum protection, keep your document away from fire easily.

-Home and office use: This document’s secure small storage bag
is widely used and can be used at home and in the office. It is convenient,
secure and portable. This fireproof package can also be easily folded up so you
can rest assured in drawers or strongbox.


Product: Fireproof file bag

Material: Glass fiber

Color: Black

Size: 29*20cm

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