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Overview and Specifications:

4 advantages of a leafless fan:

1. There is no fan blade, less running noise, and the air volume is more stable,

2, when using the fan to dry the hair, not afraid of the hair to roll in, or the child accidental injury,

3, when cleaning the electric fan, as long as a rag can be easily handled,

4. The fan airflow is concentrated and it is more comfortable to blow,

5 features of the leafless fan:

1, natural wind, air circulation: soft airflow, more natural wind, and no traditional fan’s tapping feeling,

2. Safer: Protect all members of your family, including your pets,

3, simple design, the appearance is more beautiful and generous,

4, air flow control: dimmer switch control, adjust the size of the air flow,

5, easy to clean.

Product Name: Mini Leafless Fan

Product model: H1240

Product net weight: 0.48kg

Single gross weight: 0.63kg

Product size: 13.1 (below) *17.3 (top) * 27 (high) CM

Color box size: 27.5*17.8*13.6

Product color: white / black

Output voltage: 12V/1A

Rated power: 6W

Product material: ABS

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