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Overview and Specifications:

Product Features
Factory direct Fengjie FJ-15-4CH 4-channel VGA video switcher High-definition stability Strong VGA switcher refers to multi-channel computer display input signal through the switcher to select one of the signals to an output device One channel is selected among a plurality of signals for output. For example, the company is doing server services, and each employee needs to manage 4 servers. If each server is equipped with a display, the cost is high and management is not convenient.
So we consider that these four servers share one display, which saves costs and makes it easy to manage several servers. This series of products can be widely used in large-screen projection display engineering, multimedia teaching, lecture hall, command and control center, hotel, multimedia conference room, audio and video exhibition hall and other occasions. Home audio and video TV DVD projector game console computer display connection and transmit their video signal

Product parameters Description Product Features
1: Brand: Fengjie 2: Model: FJ-15-4CH
3: Input: 4-way VGA 15HDF interface (Female)
4: Output: 1 channel VGA 15HDF interface (female)
5: HD VGA switcher, 4 computer hosts share one display
6: Button switch
7: Support resolution: 1600×1280
8: Metal case, Color box packaging
9: Support widescreen usage: Users first connect two computer mainframes to the input port of the VGA switcher with two standard VGA cables, and then connect the output of the switch to the display with a VGA cable. By pressing the button, you can arbitrarily select the output screen of one host.

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