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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Dimensions: 15.50 x 7.00 x 3.50 cm Operating Temperature: -20~60C
Output Voltage: 0W—-3600W Accuracy Class: High
Measuring Energy Range: 0V—-9999V Model Number: 00565
Phase: Three Phase Max Operating Current: 19A & Under
Rated Voltage: 230V Power Supply: AC
Display Type: Analog and Digital DIY Supplies: Electrical

Main Features:
LCD display, easy to read data
Simply plug this device to your wall electric outlet
Measures various parameters: power, voltage, current
Save your money: calculates electricity expenses

-Power consumption of the power meter monitor: 0.5W
-Operating voltage: 230V AC
-Frequency display: 50Hz
-Operating current: max 16A
-Wide voltage range: 2300V – 250V
-The set wattage display is 0W – 9999W, but the real wattage display is 0 – 3680W
-Timing display range: 0 second – 9999 days
-Voltage display range: 0V – 9999V
-Current display ( amps ): 0.000A – 16.000A
-Frequency display: 0Hz – 9999Hz
-Price display range: 0.00COST / KWh lt, 99.99COST / KWh
-Total KWh and cost display: 0.000KWh – 9999KWh, 0.00COST – 9999COST
-2-pin EU plug
-Functioning indicator
Product Size(L x W x H): 15.50 x 7.00 x 3.50 cm / 6.1 x 2.76 x 1.38 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Power Meter

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