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Overview and Specifications:

1: Use XM-L T6 lamp, maximum brightness 4000LM, irradiation
distance 200-500

2: The internal wiring adopts constant current output and has a
wide working range to maximize the use of the battery.

3: Five modes with one button: highlight, medium, low light,
strobe and SOS lights for you to choose from.

4: Zoom in and out

5: Aluminum alloy case and non-slip design for a more
comfortable feel

6: Widely used in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping,
hiking, forest exploration, or at home, such as repairing or looking for small

About 18650 battery:

1.BRC 18650 3.7V 4200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery

2. Over-temperature and over-current protection

3. Short circuit protection and environmental protection

4. Widely used in flashlights, laser pointers, emergency
lighting and other portable equipment

About the 18650 Battery Charger – How do I know if the battery
is fully charged?

1) When using the DC power adapter, there is an indicator light
on the power adapter, charging – red light, full charge – green light

2) When using the car charger, there is no indicator to
indicate the battery charge status. The battery is fully charged for 4 to 5
hours. The LED only lights up in red, which means that the power is

3) The LED light in the charger base does not indicate the
battery charging status, only the red light is on, when the power is

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