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Overview and Specifications:

Toilet cover
Commodity brand: FaSoLa

Item No.: QJ-0123
Commodity origin: China
Product material: ABS
Single size: 5*3.7*1.6cm
Single weight: 6.5g


1. When installing this product, please install it in a location that will not hinder personal actions.

2, please confirm the location that needs to be installed, once it is stuck, it is difficult to tear off
3: There are all kinds of bacteria on the toilet lid, and you can avoid this problem by using the handle,

4: Lightweight, convenient, hygienic and user-friendly design, avoid direct contact between the hand and the toilet cover, and reduce bacterial infection,

5: ABS resin, thick and durable, double-sided adhesive design, strong adsorption, can not lose water,

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