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Overview and Specifications:

Remove bacteria, soluble lead and harmful organic matter

The Micro X-Clean is a versatile filtration system. It includes
a high-tech polysilicon hollow fiber membrane (with more than 30 billion
micropores that can effectively filter 99.99% of various bacteria), and an ion
exchanger that removes harmful soluble lead and removes fine granular activated
carbon. Harmful chlorides, harmful industrial pollutants (such as volatile
organic compounds) and agricultural pollutants (such as pesticide CAT) can also
remove bad chlorine, odor and odor. The filter also retains beneficial minerals
in drinking water that are important to human health.

High flow rate for up to 2 liters per minute of water flow

This lightweight water filter delivers up to 2 liters of water
per minute, which is virtually indistinguishable from normal unfiltered water
flow. Simply rotate the water selector lever and you can choose unfiltered water
or mist and filtered mist.

Advanced Quick Twist mechanism, easy to replace filter

The advanced QuickTwist filter replacement mechanism makes the
replacement of the filter element quick, simple and safe, bringing the water
filter to the heart and simplicity.

Five-fold filtration system, retaining minerals in water, with
8 faucet mounting accessories, three-stage water flow switching lever, card
filter, easy to replace

◎ Five-fold filtration system for filtering chlorine, odor,
sediment, trihalomethanes, volatile organic compounds, insecticides and

◎Hollow fiber membrane + fine granular activated carbon

◎Addition of ion exchanger, high-performance water-soluble lead

◎Retain minerals in water

◎With 8 faucet mounting accessories, suitable for all kinds of
faucets, can be quickly installed in the kitchen faucet

◎High flow rate: 2 liters / minute

◎Three-section switch bar: clean water / raw water shower / raw
water DC

◎ filter life: 5 months (1500 liters / 10 liters per day)

◎ filter heart replacement indicator label

◎Card type filter, easy to replace by yourself

◎Additional filter (WP3922)

Note on the use of water purifiers:

1. Please use tap water with a qualified drinking standard. Do
not use water with unknown water quality.

2. Do not filter with water at a temperature above 35 °C during
“clean water”

3. When starting to use it every day, please put water for
about 10 seconds, 2-3 days without use, please put water for about 60 seconds
before starting to use clean water.

4, can not turn hard water into soft water

5. Due to the influence of typhoon days on water quality, the
service life of the filter core will be shortened. Model: WP3812

◎ Origin: Made in Japan

◎ filter heart model: WP3922

◎ Outer box size (DxWxHcm): 17×8.4×14

◎ net weight / gross weight: 0.34 / 0.5kg

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