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Overview and Specifications:

1: The shaving experience close to the skin, the shaving effect is stronger and more comfortable,

2: Ergonomic streamlined handle design, unique carbon fiber shell is light and sturdy, non-slip design, easy to hold,

3: Built-in 18 mini-blade, curved edge and round end cutter design, smooth sliding, effectively reducing skin irritation,

4.FlexWing technology can completely close to the contour of the face, 4-degree 54-degree movable cutter head, easy to deal with difficult parts such as neck and jaw,

Shaving system: Comfortable shaving system

Facial contour fit mode: four rotary cutter heads

Display: Adapter with charging indicator

Charging time: 10 hours

Shaving time: 20 minutes

Battery type: NiMH battery

Automatic voltage: 100-240V

Standby power consumption: 0.1W

Maximum power consumption: 2W

Performance: can be washed whole body

Replace the cutter head: replace it every two years with SH30

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