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Overview and Specifications:

Equipped with imported CloseCut cutting razor head The
exclusive S32 series of imported Swarf shaving system for a more thorough and
clean shaving experience.

Foreign imported shaving heads

Floating cutter head can move along your facial curve

Dynamic overlays can move along your facial curve

It can be washed directly under the tap after each use, which
is more sanitary

Quality design and quality

Adopt the most fashionable planer design

Global market uniform quality standards

Perfect, comfortable and smooth


Maintenance: Cleaning brush, cover design

Color : Black and blue

Knob : Chrome ring Easy to use

Display : Transformer charging display

Charging : Rechargeable, wireless operation

Clean : Fully washable

Charging time : 10 hours

Shaving time: up to 30 minutes

power supply

Battery type : NiMH

Automatic voltage : 100-240 V

Maximum power : 1 wat

Standby Mode Power Consumption: lt,0.1 W Service

Replacement cutter head : Replace every two years SH30

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