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Overview and Specifications:

1: Three-blade head, rotary design three-blade head, fit
contour, smooth and comfortable, with fast operation function,

2: Durable battery life, Philips\’ good battery performance is a
good partner for your travel, fully charged in 10 hours, can be shaved for more
than 30 minutes,

3: wet and dry double shaving, clean and comfortable, with a
better shaving experience,

Shaving system

Clean shaving blade


Wet and dry


All-round waterproof design

Surface treatment: painted front cover

Handle: ergonomic easy handle

Automatic voltage: 100-240 volts

Battery type: NiMH battery

Maximum power consumption: 2.0 watts

Standby power consumption: lt, 0.25 watts

Display: 1 LED indicator

Shaving time: 30 minutes or more, at least 10 times shaving

At work

rechargeable battery

Wireless use

Charging time

10 hours

Display indication

Low battery


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