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Overview and Specifications:


1, cats and dogs general,

2, long service life,

3, rapid temperature measurement, accurate data,

4, with memory function

5, soft head waterproof, comfortable to use,

6, with a buzzer prompt

7, no mercury, safe to use,

How to use the pet thermometer:

1, before use, should first use the thermometer head to disinfect.

2. Press the power button and the buzzer will beep to display the prompt symbol.

3. Subsequently, the display shows the last measured temperature for 2 minutes, then the display °C symbol flashes to indicate that it is in the test state.

4. Put the thermometer head into the measurement area, and the display shows that the temperature gradually rises. At the same time, the °C symbol flashes, indicating that the measurement is in progress. If the temperature is constant for 16 consecutive measurements, the °C symbol stops flashing, indicating that the measured temperature is completed and the measured result is memorized, and the displayed temperature value can be read.

5. After the measurement is finished, if the power is turned off without pressing the power button, it will automatically shut down after 8 minutes.

Product: Pet electronic thermometer (common for dogs and cats)

Power: alkaline button battery

Allowable error: plus or minus 0.1 ° C

Memory function: Built-in, the last measurement value can be displayed after power on

Number of uses: about 1000 times

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