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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
DC Current: AC Current:
DC Voltage: AC Voltage:
Operating Mode: Measuring Capacitance Range:
Measuring Resistance Range: Model Number: PM18
Dimensions: 19 * 8.5 * 5.5cm Measuring Inductance Range:
Operating Temperature: 0 – 40 ℃ Display Type: Digital Display
DIY Supplies: Electrical

Can measure AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty ratio.
Also can test NCV(non-contact voltage), live line, diode, transistor and continuity.
PM18C is specially designed with temperature measurement function.
Data hold function, "SEL" key for some functions selection.
LCD display with backlight and lighting, convenient to use.
Powered by 4 batteries(not included).
Auto power off.

Display: LCD Display with Backlight, 6000 counts
Operating Environment: 600V CAT IV and 1000V CAT III
DC Voltage Range: 600mV/6V/60V/600V/1000V
DC Voltage Resolution: 0.1mV/1mV/10mV/100mV/1V
AC Voltage Range: 6V/60V/600V/750V
AC Voltage Resolution: 1mV/10mV/100mV/1V
DC Current Range: 60μA/60mA/600mA/20.00A
DC Current Resolution: 0.01μA/0.01mA/0.1mA/10mA
AC Current Range: 60mA/600mA/20A
AC Current Resolution: 0.01mA/0.1mA/10mA
Frequency Range: 9.999Hz/99.99Hz/999.9Hz/9.999KHz/99.99KHz/999.9KHz/9.999MHz
Frequency Resolution: 0.001Hz/0.01Hz/0.1Hz/0.001KHz/0.01KHz/0.1KHz/0.001MHz
Resistance Range: 600Ω/6kΩ/60kΩ/600kΩ/6MΩ/60MΩ
Resistance Resolution: 0.1Ω/1Ω/10Ω/100Ω/1kΩ/10kΩ
Capacitance Range: 6nF/60nF/600nF/6μF/60μF/600μF/6mF/100mF
Capacitance Resolution: 0.001nF/0.01nF/0.1nF/1nF/10nF/100nF/0.1μF/0.001mF
Temperature Range: -20~1000°C / -4~1832°F(only for PM18C)
K Type Thermocouple Range: Max.250°C(only for PM18C)
Working Temperature/Humidity: 0~40°C, lt,80%RH
Storage Temperature/Humidity: -10~60°C, lt,70%RH
Power Supply: 4 * 1.5V AA Batteries(not included)
Item Size: 19 * 8.5 * 5.5cm / 7.48 * 3.35 * 2.17in
Item Weight: 328g / 11.59oz
Package Size: 21 * 12.5 * 5.5cm / 8.27 * 4.92 * 2.17in
Package Weight: 509-518g / 17.97-18.29oz

Package List:
1 * Multimeter
1 * Pair of Test Probe
1 * Temperature Probe(only for PM18C)
1 * User Manual(English)

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