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Overview and Specifications:

FAQ:-Will this model of COPOZZ Ski Goggles work for Sunny and Cloudy?Yes, please check the photo and find the correct color you want.-Will they also fit a little girl or boys (Children)?Yes, this set includes two ski goggles, one for adult (Women or Men), another for boys and girls 4-15 years old.-Is there only one size for these goggles? There are usually couples of sizes to fit different sized head.Normally it can fit with no issues. It has an adjustable strap.- Does it come with a Goggles soft bag? Yes, it comes with two ski goggles, two goggle bags.(you can find the bags in the goggles) Package includes2 * Ski Goggles  (one for adult, one for kids)2 * Goggle soft BagsFriendly Notice:1. Please tear protective film inside when using.2. There will be color differences in different angles of view because of Mirror Coating.3. Please do not touch, wipe and clean the lens with fingers or tough items as they will either stain or scratch the lens.4. Please keep the goggle in the pouch or box when not using it. 5. Please do not use mascara or other oily substance in case lens gets dirty. 6. Please air-dry the goggles after every snow sport e.g. skiing, snowboarding and etc. 7. Please do not wipe the inner lens which will invalidate anti-fog function.8. Please do not put on and off frequently when skiing or snowboarding which will cause serious fogging due to temperature difference.


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