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Overview and Specifications:

5 heavy filtration system water filter (can filter 13 kinds of harmful substances such as total trihalomethane, dissolved lead, mildew and pesticide)

Applicable to:

◦TK-7585E Water Ionizer
◦TK-7585 Water Ionizer
◦TK-AS41 Water Ionizer
◦PJU41DA1T/T water filter

◦TK-38MRF water filter

Model: TK-7815C1

100% authentic

Uses: It can remove impurities larger than 0.01 μm pore size, harmful substances such as amoeba and residual chlorine.

Material: hollow fiber membrane + activated carbon + ceramic (lead-removing formula) and more than 9 kinds of chemical substances (including pesticides) filtering function than the second generation filter element

Recommended replacement time: 12 months (or 12,000 liters already used)

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