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Overview and Specifications:

With PJ-31MRF/37MRF/PJ-A36/PJ-30MRF water filter

The filter element adopts a quadruple filter structure:

The first weight: special filter cloth, precision non-woven fabric can effectively remove the dirty substances in the water,

The second weight: granular activated carbon, effective removal of chlorine in water, reducing the chance of producing carcinogenic chloroform,

The third weight: precision powdered activated carbon, which can effectively remove rust and suspended matter in water, and remove residual chlorine in water again,

The fourth weight: hollow fiber membrane, effectively remove fine microorganisms in water,

Filterable residual chlorine: 12,000L
Filterable turbidity: 12,000
Filter life: about 1 year
Filter material: hollow fiber membrane / powdered activated carbon / granular activated carbon / non-woven fabric

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