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Overview and Specifications:

Panasonic EW-6021 low-frequency therapy device is used to
massage various acupuncture points on the body. You can choose local or full
massage to relieve muscle fatigue, neck and neck pain and other urban diseases.
The principle is to use micro-current stimulation, you can choose 20-stage
intensity adjustment and massage left and right!

The low-frequency therapy device has 8 preset programs and 6
manual massage programs, which are adjusted according to personal preference.
From the LCD screen, you can clearly understand the position, technique and
strength of the massage in progress! The massage stick can be cleaned after use
and can be used again after drying.


1. Insert 4 AA dry batteries first

2. Choose massage technique, massage position, micro current
intensity and paste low frequency stickers

3. With smooth and soft start settings

4. Enjoy the massage process

Product specifications

? Power: AA battery 4 capsules

• Dimensions (width x height x depth): 191 x 51 x 138 mm

? Weight: about 435 grams (without battery)

? Applicable to low frequency stickers: EW-0603

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