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Overview and Specifications:

Pulsed high-speed jet water flow, up to 1,600 times per minute, thoroughly cleans the hard-to-brush parts, effectively removes food debris and keeps the mouth clean (* when the jet stream is “jetted”)
4 kinds of jet water flow type, combined with rotary jet nozzle, effectively clean teeth, periodonal pockets and massage gums
New “tooth” jet flow process to help reduce water usage and increase usage time
Special detachable water tank for easy water storage and cleaning
Dry and wet, full waterproof
Contactless electromagnetic induction charging

Pump frequency: 1600 times / minute (in jet or inter-tooth mode)

Spray mode: jet, interdental, normal, soft

Water pressure: 200-590kpa (2.0-6.0kgf/cm2)

Power supply: 100W-240W (world wide voltage)

Charging time: about 15 hours

Operating time: about 15 minutes (“intake injection” (normal) mode), about 60 minutes (inter-tooth mode)

Water tank capacity: 130ml (for about 120 seconds for interdental mode, about 35 seconds for other modes)

Host size: 197*59*75mm (excluding nozzles)

Charger size: 40*93*98mm

Host weight: 305g (including nozzle)

Charger weight: 180g

Applicable nozzle: EW-0955

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