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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Pattern: Solid Color Material: Plastic

1: This is a storage box made up of 4 cups. There is space in the middle for storing toothpaste, toothbrush, razor and other cleaning tools. We are famous for "traveling mug" or "capsule travel Mouthwash cup"

Complex explanation: This is a capsule-shaped toiletries storage box made up of two 360 ml and two 320 ml cups connected by a middle double-layer ring fitting. The degree of rotation fit and the feel of the loading and unloading of the parts are generated by our numerous adjustments. We define it as a wash cup, which can be used for family life, business trips, group camping, honeymoon trips, etc. The seemingly complicated structure contains this exquisite life principle. “Simple life does not mean that it is not complicated. It is not easy to pay attention to exquisiteness”

2: Material: PP material

3: Uses: capsule travel mug, portable wash cup, water cup, storage box.

Product weight: 148G (whole cup), 38G (outer cup), 33G (inner cup), 3.5G (inner buckle)

Product color: light blue, blue gray, gray, fruit green, red, orange

Product size: 7.3*20.5CM (whole cup), 7.3*10CM (outer cup), 6.6*9.3CM (inner cup), 6.8*0.8 (inner buckle)

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