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Overview and Specifications:

The ZMI portable mosquito repellent adopts a centrifugal volatilization design, and the battery-driven mosquito repellent rotates, which enables the mosquito repellent to rapidly spread centrifugally and increase the diffusion speed and diffusion range.

The mosquito repellent tablets are attached with trimethoprim as a mosquito repellent source, and have no irritating odor. The single piece can be used for about 200 hours, and can be used for about 25 days according to the use of 8 hours per day. The ZMI Portable Mosquito Repellent comes with two mosquito repellent tablets for a summer vacation (about 50 days).

Compact and portable is the biggest selling point of ZMI portable mosquito repellent. Its corners are rounded and the overall appearance is smooth and simple. It is equipped with a silicone lanyard and can be hung on the wrist, school bag, etc. In addition, the mosquito repellent also incorporates an anti-blocking design to prevent equipment damage caused by foreign matter blocking.

In addition, the ZMI portable mosquito repellent is equipped with a frosted cover. When used, the cover can be removed and placed on the bottom of the device. When not in use, the cover can be placed on the top to reduce the volatilization of the medicament and avoid waste.

The mosquito repellent tablets are easy to install and can be carried around. The single mosquito repellent tablets can last up to 200 hours and are suitable for use within 28 cubic meters. The effect is more obvious.

Product: ZMI portable mosquito repellent
Size: 61*61*25mm
Weight: 52g
color: White

The product contains:
Mosquito repellent*1
Storage cover*1
Mosquito repellent film*2
Instruction manual*1

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