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Overview and Specifications:


-Every time combing, experience 12 million /cm3 anion curing, antistatic, eliminate frizz and lock water conditioner, electrostatic messy, help you regain top strength.
-Not just with hair, also need to relax scalp, simply need a massage, relax and relieve head tired one day.

-The battery can live for 400 minutes, built-in power-off protection, power saving device, 4 minutes after leaving the hand, IC controller automatically starts and closes the power supply, exquisite and light body, carry in the clothes pocket, make-up bag and so on

-There is power to improve the quality of sleep, comb with vibration, as if a pair of intelligent massage hand, deep relaxation

-One time disassembly, easy to wash, often clean up, to avoid grease, dust and other dirt on the comb (only the comb pad can be removed washed, and the rest do not wash)


Product Name: Yueli Negative Ion Comb

Rated voltage: DC3V

Rated current: 120mA

Product size: 120*66.7*54mm

Product net weight: 123g

Power supply: 2 AA × batteries

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