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Overview and Specifications:


Brand Tonfon(Xiaomi ecological chain)
Battery capacity 2000mAh
Working time About 30min
Warm up time 60s
Glue stick diameter 7 x 140mm
Maximum output 1.5g/min


-Safe and durable.

-Quickly out of glue.
-Cordless, easy to use.
-Fast charging, stable and uniform.
-Overload automatic power cut.
-The copper nozzle is durable and rustproof.
-Smart power indicator, with power display, safer to use.
-Use environmental – friendly adhesive, strong adhesion, green non-toxic.
-The heating time is only 60s and the maximum heating temperature is 170°C.
-Equipped with 2000mAh large battery capacity, compatible charging design, support android phone charger, charging treasure can also be charged.


-It can be used for the cracking of adhesive articles, repairing cracks and degumming.
-Can also be competent to fill glass, bonded ceramics, bonded metal and other construction operations.
-Can also be used in family life creative DIY handwork, such as agglutinate hair ornaments, toys, hooks, picture frames.

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