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Overview and Specifications:


1.It is derived from the suspension vibration technology of the car, which can realize the all-round suspension of the cutter head, which is smoother, more fit and more precise.

2.SOOCAS innovative IFT suspension floating technology enables the knives to float in all directions, even in uneven conditions, and the unique elastic experience greatly reduces facial pressure, making the whole process comfortable and smooth.

3.The cutter head can be floated independently in 9 directions. The angle is automatically adjusted according to the facial curve.

4.Due to the soft collapse of the beard, the thickness of the knife net and other factors, it is easy to leave about 0.1mm blush on the face.

5.ECM electrochemical machining process cutter head and knife net not only avoid the appearance of metal burrs, but also greatly improve the wear resistance of the cutters.

6.The arc of the fading line is designed to make the contact area of the hand larger. When using, the index finger naturally falls in the groove of the back. The grip is felt and the back of the fuselage is anti-slip to avoid slipping.


Product brand: SOOCAS

Product model: S3

Product color: Classic black

Product net weight: 173g

Battery capacity: 800mAh

Waterproof rating: IPX7

Product size: 154*64*62mm

The package contains: Shaver (with protective cover),User manual in Chinese, Charging cable, Cue card

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