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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Feature: Eco-Friendly Model Number: A01
Openers Type: Bottle Openers Metal Type: Stainless Steel

1:304 stainless steel, durable

2: Transparent PC display shell, open visualization

3: Light weight, light and portable, excellent grip experience

4: Multi-purpose cutting knife base, which can easily separate the tin cap and scratch the fingers, effectively avoiding the danger of children touching.

5: detachable base for easy cleaning

6: Fully connected to open 120 bottles, second open bottle

Steps for usage:

1. Hold the bottle tightly, clamp the tin foil cutter, and rotate the sealed tin foil paper left and right.

2. Hold the bottle and the bottle opener, press the bottle open button and press the bottle open button vertically. After 6 seconds, the bottle plug is automatically pulled out.

3, press the back button, the bottle will automatically push open the bottle opener

Product size: 45*224.5mm

Battery specifications: 5th battery

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