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Overview and Specifications:

1: Plant mosquito repellent bracelet, without fear of mosquito infestation, Imagine joyful summer,
2: Plant mosquito repellent, stylish and comfortable, suitable for the whole family,
3: Long-lasting protection for 60 days, 4 pieces of mosquito repellent chips are included in the package. The laboratory data shows that with it, you can have 24 hours of effective protection, up to 60 days of mosquito-free interference, and mosquito repellent bracelets. It can be worn at the ankle at the same time, hung on a backpack and a stroller to enhance the anti-mosquito effect.
4. There are adult and baby models available,
5. How to use: Put the mosquito repellent chip into the wristband net pocket, wear the bracelet and do not block the mosquito repellent film.

1. After using it, if you don’t wear the bracelet, it is recommended to take out the chip and seal it separately to extend the life of the chip.
2. Mosquito repellent chips are not edible, can not touch the wound, can not touch the eyes and mouth ред

Product: Plant mosquito repellent bracelet
Content: wristband *1, mosquito repellent chip *4
Main ingredients: citronella oil, geranium, mint, clove rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, etc.

Children’s Edition: 20.3*3.3cm (Yellow)
Adult Edition: 26*3.3cm (Orange)

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