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Overview and Specifications:

This is wireless joystick remote kit that include a wireless joystick control board and a RF 315MHz receiver module.
Onboard one game joystick and 4 buttons. The shape of the PCB is suitable for your hands.
There is ATmega8A-AU chip onboard that has firmware. It will get position information of the thumb joystick and buttons and then send it out via RF transmitter onboard.
Every time the joystick change or one button is pressed or released, the MCU will send the information out.
– Onboard MCU: ATmega8A
– Working voltage: 3-5.3V
– Working current: 42mA(max)
– Buttons: with beautiful color key cap and pins are all float, so you should pull up it in your MCU(Active low level output).
– Thumb joystick: great to control a smart car or 4-axis Aircraft.
– Onboard power supply socket: 2.54mm pitch
– Onboard power switch: turn on or turn off the power.
– Onboard PROGRAM header: burn bootloader and firmware
– Onboard transmitter: large power 315MHz transmitter module
– Transfer rate: 2000bps
- Transmission distance: When supply power is 5V, the open area transmission distance can be increased to 150 meters.
– Positioning hole diameter: 3.2mm
– Great for smart car, smart Aircraft projects
About receiver module:
– Great for Arduino
– Library: VirtualWire
– Operating voltage: 3 - 5.3VDC
– Working frequency: 315MHz
– Working Current: 2mA
– Sensitivity: -110db
– Transfer rate: 2000bps
– Antenna: Onboard 315MHz dedicated PCB Antenna
– Great for DIY project.

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