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Overview and Specifications:

Based on P9813, it is cascadable full-color RGB LED strip driver module. Just two signal lines and two power lines can control five meters full-color (RGB) LED strip, and it can also be cascaded together to control more LED strip.
Just modify the the program for setting PWM duty cycle of  red, green, blue channel to change the color of the LED strip. Widely used in guardrail control, room decor and other occasions; Suitable for 5V MCU system, Arduino UNO R3 and compatible motherboard.
– Operating voltage: 4.5-5.5VDC
– External power supply voltage: 9-24VDC
– Operating current: 6A (MAX)
– Cascadable
– Standard 4-wire electronic brick interface
– LED strip interface: 2.54-4P,  can be directly connected to cable of LED strip without screws, easy to use

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