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Overview and Specifications:

There is a suction cup at the bottom, the suction is very firm,
and the fashion is non-slip.

Good appearance texture, mild touch, easy to color, uniform
color tone, stable, excellent tensile strength.

Soft texture and good flexibility.

Remarks: This bathroom PVC mat is made of high quality and
odorless environmentally friendly PVC. The product is tasteless and non-toxic.
It is harmless to the human body. Because the anti-slip mat is a brand new
product, it may be slightly smelled when it is received. It is a normal
phenomenon, and it is ventilated in a cool place. – After 24 hours, there is
basically no smell.

Size: 100x 40 cm

Weight: 850g

Color: transparent blue, transparent gray

Material: high quality and tasteless environmental protection

Uses: bathroom slip, kitchen slip, tile store anti-slip, hotel
bathroom slip, shower room slip, etc.

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