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Overview and Specifications:

1:Mechanical toilet cover, no electric hydraulic drive to flush the toilet cover – no need to use electricity, you can achieve intelligent flushing, bid farewell to the danger of leakage, hydraulic one-button adjustment, comfortable and comfortable, time control, the function is more obvious,

2: Rinse at room temperature, use the water pressure of the tap water to push the nozzle out of the jet stream, and perform hip washing and woman washing without plugging in.

3: Double nozzle design, healthy and hygienic, mechanical toilet seat with dual nozzles. In the hip wash mode, the single nozzle extends out of the spray to thoroughly wash away the dirt bacteria. When the feminine clean mode is activated, another dedicated sprinkler is extended separately to ensure feminine hygiene.

4. Self-cleaning nozzle, clean and worry-free, a separate controllable waterway is added to the control valve, and the self-cleaning water volume and cleaning time of the nozzle can be manually controlled.

5. Bubble water rinse, gentle and comfortable, air suction nozzle, using Venturi principle, the bubble will break the water when the water is discharged to reduce the impact of water, improve the washing comfort, and increase the flushing area, so that the flushing is more thorough.

6. Ultra-thin cover plate, smooth and sexy, with innovative design, the thickness of the mechanical cover is almost the same as that of the one-piece toilet cover,

7. Easy to operate, easy to use, and abandon the complicated operation panel of the traditional smart toilet cover. The mechanical toilet cover is equipped with 1 knob and 1 button, which can realize multiple cleaning operations with one touch and one button.

Product: Mechanical washable toilet lid

Model: FB106

Material: PP

color: White

Suitable for toilet: V type

Size: 500*370*62mm

Weight: 2.5kg

Installation range: A 452 plus or minus 22mm B 155 plus or minus 19mm

Suitable for water pressure: 0.07-0.8Mpa

Water supply link: 1/2‘’ plastic link

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