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Overview and Specifications:

Product Features:

1. Dual core magnetic keychain lamp

2. Using two CREE XP-G3 S3 LEDs, 720 lumens high brightness output

3. The light intensity is up to 2160 Candela, and the range is as far as 93 meters.

4. Lightweight and solid barrel made of one-piece CNC technology

5. Using a total reflection optical lens system, the light is evenly soft

6. Built-in 500mAh high capacity polymer lithium battery

7. With smart lithium battery charging circuit, Micro-USB direct charge

8. Application Power Management APC (Advanced Power Cut Of) sleep technology

9. High efficiency constant current circuit, constant brightness, 55 hours of lasting battery life

10. Available in demo mode and daily mode

11. User-friendly double switch design for easy operation

12. With 4 brightness options, you can directly enter the extremely bright position

13. Smart gear memory function

14. There is a power indicator to indicate the remaining battery power

15. Three-stage hard anodizing anti-wear surface treatment

16. Tail magnet adsorption function

17. Comply with IP67 protection, 1 meter anti-drop ability

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