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Overview and Specifications:

1.Solar butterfly uses solar power technology, and can also use the 7th battery section, environmental protection and energy saving, flying in direct sunlight.

2.The shape is vivid. Suitable for placing on the grass and trees to add an atmosphere.

3.The product is novel and unique, environmentally friendly, fashionable, and it is also a good teaching material for the school\’s enlightened students\’ solar energy concept.

4. Two power drives, solar or battery. At the start, the butterfly will dance around the middle circle, and the sound of the wings fluttering, vivid and vivid,
Name: Solar Butterfly

Material: solar panel + motor + ABS

Size: 10cm per pole, total height 40cm, butterfly size 7.5cm, wire length 24cm

Packing box size: 8*8*12.5CM

Color: 6 butterfly random

How to use: solar or battery, dual use

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