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Overview and Specifications:

1. Like humans, lollipops also have a strong appeal to cats,

2. Cute cat shape, sealed packaging, clean and hygienic,

3. Cat mascot ball + wooden scorpion stick, the cat is irresistible temptation exists, every time a little bit, the cat is satisfied,

4. Can discharge hair balls, adjust the stomach, clean teeth, fresh breath, increase appetite, relieve mood,

5. Natural air drying process, healthy nutrition can be seen.

Product: Catnip Wood Scorpio Lollipop

Ingredients: organic catnip, edible gum, wooden scorpion rod

Size: total length 12cm ball diameter 3.7cm

Method: Cats over 3 months: 1 time/week, 1/time into cats: 2-3 times/week, 1 time

Edible: eat directly, make a cat stick, cut off the bark and expose the white branches to the cat bite, after using for a period of time, the outer layer can be cut to restore the previous effect.

Storage: Wipe clean with a cloth, dry, sealed and protected from light.

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