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Overview and Specifications:

1. Sunlight nails, no eye injury, no black hands, dual light source LED baking UV phototherapy glue, extended glue and LED nail polish

2. 30 LED lamp beads evenly distributed roast armor without dead ends

3. Automatic sensing, vibration timing is more convenient and free

Operation manual

1. How to switch machine: the power cable should be connected to the power supply to start the machine. You can press the screen for 6 seconds to shut down the machine, and then press the screen for another 6 seconds to reboot the machine.

2. Auto-sensing: When the power is on, the sensor begins to work when you put your hand or object into the machine. The light will be on if the hand is in the machine and be off if the hand is out of the In this case, the default time length is 198S. After 198S, the machine will be off automatically. In the working status, if the hand or other objects are removed, the LED will be turned off after 2 seconds automatically.

3. Timing operation:
Method 1: press the screen for a short-term and the screen would show the 30S / 60S / 90S / 120S / 150S / 180S. If you press the time continuously, the time will be displayed in a loop.
Method 2: tap the screen lightly and the screen would display the 30S / 60S / 90S / 120S /150S/ 180S. If you tap the time continuously, the time will be displayed in a loop. After the selected time, the display will count Down to show the remaining time.

4. Brightness mode adjustment: Press the screen for 3 seconds, and then the brightness is dim. Press the screen for another 3 seconds, the screen will return to normal status.

Input voltage range
United States : 100-110Vac (50/60HZ).
Europe: 220-240Vac (50/60HZ).
Plug Specification: British / American / European

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