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Overview and Specifications:

1. Can warm hands, pink macarons color cute pet warm hand treasure, exquisite small, mini cute, girl full of heart, warm and intimate,

2. It can charge digital products, it is not only a hand warmer, but also a temporary charging treasure, standard USB interface, 4000mAh polymer battery can quickly supply energy to the mobile phone,

3. Double-sided aluminum alloy surface rubber oil treatment, comfortable hand, fast heating, temperature 40-50° two-speed adjustment, sustainable heating for 5-6 hours, comfortable grip,

[product name]: double-sided heating hand warmers charging treasure

[product model]: N8

[product capacity]: 4000mAh polymer

[Input Power]: DC 5V/1A

[output power]: DC 5V/1A

[product material]: aluminum alloy + ABS

[product size]: 78*80*33mm

[single weight]: about 258g

[heating temperature]: low temperature file 45 ° high temperature file 55 °

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