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Overview and Specifications:

1. Penguin Meng pet warm hand treasure, exquisite small, mini cute, girl full of heart, warm and intimate,

2. It is not only a hand warmer, but also a temporary charging treasure, standard USB interface, 4000mAh, 5V 2A, which can quickly supply energy to the mobile phone,

3. Intelligent explosion-proof chip Insulation of imported materials, can be used for 4-8 hours, double-sided heating, rapid heating, constant temperature 52 ° C, giving you the most intimate temperature,

4. Environmentally friendly silica gel, safe and resistant to falling, comfortable and warm grip,

Product: Meng Pet Penguin Hand Warmer

Model: DS5

Size: 10.3*6.5*3.3cm

Weight: 140g

Battery capacity: 4000mah

Input / Output: 5V / 2A

Temperature: 52 ° C

Use time: 4-8 hours

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