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Overview and Specifications:

-With 2000mah large-capacity battery, it can be used for up to 13 hours in a state of continuous use.
-The triangular magnetic bracket is convenient, stable and beautiful. When the desktop is used, the bracket is opened and placed more stable. Close the bracket when traveling, beautiful and portable
-Retractable small fan handle, the length can be adjusted freely. The fan can be tilted up and down by 24°, and the pitch can be adjusted freely.
-Low power consumption, ultra-quiet design, quiet and comfortable, such as soft whispers, does not affect sleep, enjoy summer cool
-Small and compact, easy to carry, mini size design, small bag can also be placed
-Use smart chip, use it while charging, support a variety of USB charging, laptop, desktop computer, power adapter, charging treasure, car USB interface
-3 speed wind adjustment, enjoy with me, press the switch on the handle, you can switch on and off

Product name: Mini handheld fan
Rated voltage: DC5V 1A
Rated power: 4W
Number of cycles: More than 500 times
Battery capacity: 2000/3350mAh
Use time: 3-13 hours
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Color: White,Pink,Green
Power supply: Built-in 2000mah large capacity battery
Size:(About) 240 x 143 mm

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