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Overview and Specifications:


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Fingerprint sensor: semiconductor fingerprint sensing technology
Record 10 times and save 10 groups
Fingerprint head shape: square 10.4*10.4mm
Storage capacity: 10 sets of fingerprints
Technology: Biometrics
False rate: lt,0.002%
Rejection rate: lt,1%
Fingerprint acquisition time: ≤0.5 seconds
Fingerprint matching time: ≤1.0 seconds
Fingerprint setting: short press to unlock, long press 3S to set fingerprint, long press 6S to delete fingerprint
Battery: Lithium battery 300mAh 3.7V

Charging current: 5V/200MA

Product size: 57.7*25.2*88.5mm

Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ +70 ° C

-IP65, waterproof and dustproof design.
-With 300mAh polymer lithium battery, low power consumption and long standby time.
-Support 360° arbitrary direction press type fingerprint recognition, which is more convenient to use.
-Intelligent fingerprint padlock, supporting a total of 10 fingerprints.
-Diversification of use scenarios: bags, suitcases, doors, cabinets, container trucks, bicycles, etc.

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