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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Style: modern Material: Glass
Regional Feature: Japan Theme: Iceberg

1: Ornamental volcanic eruption hourglass, special shape, with
strong decoration and ornamental, can be used as a small gift to send friends
and family members,

2: How to use: Put the hourglass in reverse for a few seconds
and then place it on the plane. There will be a volcanic eruption effect.

3: This product is not a timed hourglass, there is no timing
function, the eruption time after reversal is about 1 minute,

Product: Volcanic eruption ornamental hourglass ornaments

Material:Acrylic + water quality aviation sand

color: red

Size: 8.5*6*6cm

Can pleasure your mood, make you feel relax. It can be placed in the living room, office furnishings as decoration. It can be used as a gift to friends and relatives.

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