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Overview and Specifications:

Product: Mini coin cutter

Specifications: shank length 4.3cm, blade length 2.4cm

Material: aluminum alloy + stainless steel

Weight: 30g

Scope of application: travel, outdoor, car, home

Description: There is a layer of protective oil on the new knife. Because the new knife is manufactured, it needs to be sharpened. It will heat when it is grinded. It must be cooled by water. After grinding, it should be wiped dry and oiled to protect the water from vapor in the air to avoid oxidation. Rusty.

1: Unique shape, coin size, metal texture, can be used as a keychain,

2: Multi-functional use, for self-defense, self-defense, outdoor survival, etc.,

3: Aluminum alloy + stainless steel material, compact and easy to carry,

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