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Overview and Specifications:

1. Small and convenient
2. Multi-color, cute, girl color
3. The temperature-increasing and noise-preventing DC motor adopts PTC aluminum corrugated heater, which is efficient in energy, energy-saving and energy-saving. When he is doing his homework, he will quietly accompany you.
4. No radiation, low energy consumption
1. Check if the power cord is intact before use. If the power cord is damaged, please do not use it to prevent leakage.
2 products are desktop products and cannot be brought into the bathroom,
3. The product must be waterproof and must be dried before use to prevent leakage,
4. Do not cover the air outlet or air inlet of the product with cloth or other objects to prevent accidents caused by the heat in the product. Do not use small objects to extend into the air outlet or air inlet to prevent electric shock and damage the internal structure of the product.

Rated telephone: AC 22V/50HZ

Rated power: 50W

Product material: ABS + electronic components

Noise´╝Ü less than 50db

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