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Overview and Specifications:

AV to HDMI signal converter, can convert AV (CVBS) composite video signal and FL/FR stereo audio signal into HDMI digital signal, so that the composite audio and video signals of ordinary DVD, camera, etc. are multiplied to high-definition HDMI signal output, easy to connect LCD TV, HD monitors, etc.

[Product Function]
Input signal format: AV (red, yellow and white) cvbs composite audio and video.
Output signal: HDMI 1080P 60HZ/720P 60HZ.
Support video input system: PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, SECAM, PAL/M, PAL/N.
Compatible with HDCP protocol. Power supply: If the power supply is insufficient USB power supply (5V)

[Product specifications]
Product type: Mini AV to HDMI converter
Interface type: 1 channel AV input, 1 channel HDMI output size: about 66 (L) x 55 (W) x 20mm

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