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Overview and Specifications:

Used for mobile phone connected TVS, transfer the complete media content directly to the TV and do not damage the effect of the high resolution film.At the same time,
the TV remote control can be used with CEC convenient operating your phone.Removes any operations are cumbersome to go to the front of the TV.
Use the help:
1). The MHL must be an external power supply (5 v 1 a), otherwise can't to the HDMI output.
2.) connected to the MHL line, must restart the phone.Remember, first use must plug MHL line above the phone reset the phone, otherwise there is no HDMI output.
3). The MHL output does not require any Settings, restart the phone automatically output later.
4). The MHL line connected, mobile phone will be displayed above HDMI logo (part of the mobile phone does not show)
5). The perfect support 1080 p output.
6) mobile phone after such as brush ROM may not support MHL output.

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