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Overview and Specifications:

【Newest WiFi Version, Working with iPhone IOS & Android Devices, Windows & MAC OS】: Different to other similar product on the market, this wireless otoscope is not only compatible with Android 4.2+ device, Windows 7/8/10 computer and Mac OS computer, but also for iPhone IOS users. With this tiny tool, you’re able to see the situation in your ear and clearly display on your smartphone phone, tablet or computer.
【Easy to Setup, Clearly View Your Ear Health Status】: Simply turn on the wifi box, connect your device with the wifi signal(beginning with “YPC_”), open the preinstalled “imagekit” app, then this magical scope camera will show the health status of your ears by capturing and viewing undistorted image or video at a close range. Then, your ear wax or ear mite can be cleaned more completely and safely under this guidance, saving much time & lots of checking fees in visiting doctor.
【No Heating Chip Technology for A Safer Check】: Compared with other similar product, this usb ear endoscope camera is featured with no heating chip, which means the camera head will never get too hot while operation. Hence, the ears will be refrained the possibility from the scald.
【Sharper Sensor & 6 LED Light Tech, Providing Clearer Image 】: The 5.5mm/0.21inch diameter otoscope camera head is featured with a sharpeer camera sensor up to 1.3MP and the 6 adjustable led lights provide a clearer image and more outstanding color reproduction no matter how dark the ear is.
【Multi functional & Practical Camera, A Necessary Household Tool】: Except for the application in checking and cleaning the earwax, ear canal, eardrum, the tiny ear inspection camera is also a great tool for your dogs, cats as well. Besides that, it can also be a great inspection tool in drain pipes, vent pipe, machine equipment, engine, automotive, boat etc.

Different from the usb version otoscope, the wireless version has acheived a great breakthrough in its compatibilty, which makes the camera appeal to iPhone IOS user. Now, all Androids, IOS, Windows and Mac OS user can use the camera to check what’s going on in your ears, capture and view your inner ear situation clearly.  Hence, say goodbye to your unknown ear inflammation, save much time & checking fee in visting doctors.  

How to Use ?  
Way 1:  Preinstall the corresponding app for Android devices, windows 7/8/10 computer, Mac OS computer, then plug the camera into your device before opening the app.  

NOTE: For Android user, pls download “CameraFi” from Google Play Store or scaning the QR code on the manual to download the app directly; For Windows User, pls download the software from; For Mac OS User, pls use “PhotoBooth” or “QuckTime Player” on your Macbook.   

Way 2:  Install “imagekit” app on your Android & iPhone smartphone, connect the camera with the wifi box, turn on the wifi box, connect your device to the wifi signals – “YPC_****”, open the app to use it. 

What do WiFi Ear Cleaning Endoscope bring?   
-It will clearly present the health status or situation of your ears, as well as your sweetie pets, on your smartphone, tablet or computer, hence, say goodbye to unknown ear problems.  
-It will save much time and lots of money in visiting doctors to fix your ear issues.  
-It will help you to remove the ear wax or ear mite more completely and safely.  

Light Sources: 6 Adjustable LEDs  
Best Focal Distance: 1.4 – 2cm  
View Angle: 70 degree  
Resolution: 1.3MP, up to 1280 x 720  
Video Frame Rate: Up to 30 F / S

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