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Overview and Specifications:

RCA540 is Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter and Receiver. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver, Adopting advanced 5.8GHz wireless transmission technology, it can transmit the signal from any A/V devices at transmitter to TV sets connecting receiver in different room. DVD, DVR, CCTV camera, IPTV, Satellite receiver, Digital TV Set Top Box etc. Moreover, it can support the IR remote control at the receiver end to realize the function of wireless control of devices from another place.

1. 5.8GHz ISM frequency band.
2. 1330 feet transmission range without any holdback.
3. 8 groups of selectable channels, Patented Wireless technology. avoiding the interference from other wireless device.
4. A display screen indicates the selected channel.
5. Support 1 group of AV signal input/output.
6. Support 1 transmitter and more than one receivers at the same time, when keeping Keeper transmitter and receiver setting at the same channel.
7. Support any AV output devices, VCD, DVD, IPTV, DVR, Satellite receiver, CCTV Camera Digital STB etc.
8. Support superheterodyne 433MHz infrared remote signal transmission, while Compatible for 38KHz infrared carrier control signal.
9. Transmitter have built-in infrared signal emission or infrared transmission extension cable, so that you can do remote control the signal from DVD, DVR, STB, IPTV, and other device.
10. Support PAL/ NTSC system and stereo audio transmission
11. Without installing any software,without any setting, plug and play
12. Aliuminium design, Machine dimensions: 100*100*25mm

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