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Overview and Specifications:

NON EAR PLUG HEADPHONE – No plug in to ear, wear on the back of the ear, painless wearing in long time use, is very light more comfortable, instead of bone conduction headphones. 

SPEAKER UNIT IS EXTERNAL – Earhook Headphones loudspeaker close to the ear. No earplugs inserted into the ear canal, With this headset, your no longer have to worry about the pain of the plug blockage ear canal. It's more suitable for phone calls, rather than music headset, If you don't want ear plugs into ears, It fits you well.

SINGLE EAR HOOK WEARING – either left or right ear can be wearing. If you wear glasses, it suitable for small or thin glasses frames. Compatible iOS, Android, WP system, as long as the devices have Bluetooth, it can be used. 

CLEAR CALL AND HIGH QULITY – Using CVC6.0 + DSP audio processing dual noise reduction technology to improve the sound quality. Built-in high-performance lithium battery, 4-6 hours continuous play, 8-10 hours continuous call, 2 hours fast charge. And have integrated keys, voice prompts, electricity display and other functions

Technical Parameters
The Bluetooth Chip:4.1
Battery Capacity: 90MAH
Operating Rage: With 10meters
The Music Time: 4-6hours
The Charging Time: Less Than 2hours
New Weight: About 0.28OZ
Applicable Product: Android, above iOS 5.0, Wp System, Suitable for all Bluetooth enabled devices

Please note: This is an ear-hanging type headset,because everyone's ear size is not the same, maybe you are suitable for this headset, maybe you are not suitable.

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