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Overview and Specifications:


Foldable Design: Mavic 2 PRO is foldable
and easy to carry, making it convenient for you to take photos anytime and

3-Axis Holder: Mavic 2 PRO adopts DJI’s
advanced 3-axis holder system to effectively prevent camera shake, making the
shot smooth and stable.

Adjustable Aperture Lens: The camera is
equipped with f/2.8-f/11 adjustable aperture lens, which can obtain excellent
images even under different lighting conditions, and take photos of 20 million
pixels with rich details.

10-bit Dlog-M Color Mode: 10-bit Dlog-M
code can record up to 1 billion colors (traditional 8-bit color code can only
record 16 million colors), with wider dynamic range, reserving more creative
space for later period.

Record 4K Video: Mavic 2 PRO supports
recording 4K video and advanced H.265 encoding format to restore more image

Enhanced HDR Photo: Mavic 2 PRO also
supports shooting enhanced HDR photos, which can superimpose multiple photos to
generate a high-quality photo, significantly improving dynamic range and

Noise Reduction: Mavic 2 PRO adopts
upgraded FOC sine-wave drive structure ESC and noise reduction propeller, which
has good noise reduction performance and can effectively prevent flying noise
from disturbing the surroundings.

8km High Definition Image Transmission: The
new OcuSync2.0 digital image transmission system brings 8km 1080P full high
definition image transmission, allowing you to directly edit full high
definition cached video on the mobile device side.

Automatic Switching of 2.4/5.8GHz Frequency
Band: Automatic switching of 2.4 and 5.8GHz dual frequency bands allows Mavic 2
PRO to fly stably even in an environment with severe signal interference.

Omnidirectional Sensing: The sensor has
omnidirectional environmental sensing capability (front, back, left, right, up,
down). The sensing system continuously transmits environmental data to a new
core processor with more powerful performance.

Advanced Assistant Flight System (APAS):
Advanced Assistant Flight System can help the aircraft to intelligently bypass
the front and rear obstacles, allowing you to focus more on shooting the ideal
picture in your mind.

Smart Follow-Me 2.0 Mode: Try Smart Follow-Me
2.0 when you need a high-speed following shot. With the aid of the visual
system, Mavic 2 PRO can achieve more accurate follow-up by constructing a 3D
map of the surrounding environment, with a follow-up speed of up to 72 km/h.
When the following target is blocked by obstacles, the trajectory prediction
algorithm can ensure that the target is not lost.

4 Time-Lapse Shooting Modes:

Free Time Lapse: Free control of flight
speed, direction and holder of aircraft

Surround Time Lapse: Select any surround
object, and the drone can calculate the radius and automatically surround it to

Directional Time Lapse: After the course is
locked, the aircraft can freely control its flight speed.

Trajectory Time Lapse: After the flight
path is selected, the aircraft can automatically shoot along the planned path.

DJI Remote Controller with Screen: DJI
remote controller with screen (with HDMI interface and Micro SD card slot)
integrates 5.5 “1080P high-brightness display screen (Its brightness is
about twice as high as that of ordinary mobile device), which can still be
clearly displayed under strong outdoor light. It has DJI GO 4 built in, and you
can use the Go Share function in DJI GO 4 to wirelessly transmit downloaded
materials to mobile devices to realize efficient and convenient material


Main Material: Alloy

Remote Control: Yes

App Control: Yes (Download APP by scanning
the two-dimensional code on the user manual)

Power Source: Electric

Plugs Type: USB

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Action Time: 30min

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