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Overview and Specifications:

1. The frame is finished with cnc, which shows that the sandblasting treatment is firm and firm.
2. Flywheel with aluminum alloy fine car.
3. The combination of texture and beauty;
4. Connecting rod made of stainless steel laser cutting;
5. Heating cylinder for the custom-made thick glass material, long-term heating without pressure. Material: The bottom plate is made of brushed aluminum alloy, exquisite and beautiful;
Size: L * W * H (155X80X85) mm; flywheel diameter of 50mm; transmission wheel diameter of 24mm;
Parameters: power cylinder diameter 12.5mm; piston stroke 15mm; speed of about 1700 turn, the fire can increase the increase;Power voltage: 4v or so, you can light up a number of led, receiver and other audio.       
Instructions:hand-fly flywheel to see whether the smooth, not smooth adjustment related to the screw (before the sale has been adjusted well)2: Check whether the sliding part of the clean;3: The alcohol lamp filled to two-thirds of the following; 95 degrees above the best alcohol.4: lit the alcohol lamp on the front of the tube, about 1 minute after the toggle flywheel, the engine rotation. The warm-up time with the generator is slightly longer. Precautions:1. Do not touch the baked test tube, so as not to burn.2. Long time light alcohol lamp, alcohol lamp can not easily touch, so as not to burn.3. Do not touch the tube when the alcohol lamp is heated.

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